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About Fibreglass Technology

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Fibreglass was developed in the late 1940s. It was the first modern composite and is still the most common. It makes up about 65 %of all the composite materials produced today. GRP or glass fibre reinforced plastic consists of two distinct materials, a fibres of glass (ceramic), which is the reinforcement and a polymer resin called polyester, which serves as the matrix.

The polyester resin polymer alone is brittle and has a low strength but when fibres of glass are embedded in the polymer it becomes strong, tough, resilient and flexible. It becomes an ideal material to make boat hulls, swimming pool linings, car bodies, roofing and furniture. The other advantage of GRP is that it is very light. It is said to have a very good strength to weight ratio. A resilient material is one that returns to its original shape after bending, twisting, stretching, compression.

Fibre glass is a tough material, it has the ability to withstand sudden blows or shocks without breaking. This material can also be bent without cracking.

About Fibreglass Swimming Pools

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Fiberglass swimming pool is an enhanced pool technology in the world with high reliability and low cost of maintenance. It is fast replacing the concrete pools which are prone to failures (leakages and algae growth). They are less prone to degrade by sunlight exposure, maintains the original colour for an extended period of time, smooth finish with high gloss which is not conducive for algae growth on the pool surface.

Fiberglass come in many size and shape. Pools can be heated to extend the swimming season and can be installed with fiber optic lights for night swimming.

Fiberglass is a strong, lightweight material that is constructed by weaving small glass threads into fabric and hardening the fabric with a special polyester resin. A smooth finish is made by adding weather-resistant gel. Because they are so smooth, fiberglass pools maintain more stable pH levels.

A great advantage is that fiberglass pools can be easily installed within few days. The time frame though varies, depending on how long electrical work, pool design, external aesthetics and excavation of the pool site takes.

A fiberglasspool  is more cost effective at the long run since fiberglass pools do not require periodic surface re-plastering and chemical treatment of surface.


  1. Speed of Installation

Fiberglass swimming pool comes direct from the Pools manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install,Compare to a concrete pool that can take months to complete

  1. Smooth Finish

Fibreglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gelcoat finish that is non-abrasive. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes, Compare to some pebble pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin

  1. Maintenance Free

The gelcoat finish on a fibreglass Pool not only looks great, it’s so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.

  1. Low Chemical Usage

No one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with fibreglass, the surface is chemically inert so there is nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.

  1. Covered by a 25-year warranty.

This warranty is the best in the business and guarantees the Fibre Tech materials for 25 years from the date of application. Any defects in the materials resulting in cracks, chipping, de laminations or water leakage will be repaired according to warranty specifications.

  1. Highly resistant against algae and stains.

Because the surface is smooth and non-porous, there is nowhere for algae to grip or for stains to penetrate. The easy-to-clean surface virtually puts an end to wire-brushing and scrubbing.

  1. Compatibility

Salt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, ozone systems all work wonderfully well with  fibreglass swimming pools. Whatever your choice may be it will be compatible.


Geo-aid pools Nigeria can help convert your concrete swimming pool into a watertight fiberglass pool that saves you Time and Money!

Contact us today for a professional replacement of your old concrete pool and see how you can stop wasting resources on the concrete pool.